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New Metal Festival:
* New Metal Festival 2022 tickets sale:
Because of some production insecurities, we can not safely say when the NMF 2022 sales will begin.
The NMF team works diligently on this and soon we will publish more information.

*New Metal Festival 2022 dates:
* Exchange of the NMF 2020/2021 Tickets for the NMF 2022 tickets: 

* When are we starting to send exchanged e-ticket?
Due to the consequences of the pandemic, we are currently in the phase of moving the official MetalDays shop back to Slovenia. This may take up to two months to be done.
We expect to start with the sending of the replaced tickets around the beginning of August 2021.
* Re-sale of the tickets for NMF 2022 on the TicketSwap:
We are currently cooperating with the TicketSwap team to offer safe and simple solution for all of you that would like to re-sale your tickets on the TicketSwap.
We expect to have more information by the beginning of August 2021.
Attention: If you have requested a ticket replacement or you are applied for the refund, you received the automatic confirmation mail sent to you e-mail.
In case you did not receive the automatic confirmation mail, please see the spam folder.
For all additional questions please write at shop@metaldays.net
We only respond to topics not responded already in this and related announcements on the same subject.
Please visit www.newmetalfestival.com, MetalDays FB and MetalDays IG pages for all up-to-date information.
Thank you for your understanding.
Please click on the photo for more information!!

New Metal Festival 2021 canceled.

Due to the consequences of the pandemic, New Metal Festival 2021, as well as MetalDays 2021 is canceled. Please click on the photo for more information.




Please click on the photo for the official statement.


Covid-19 update!

There are a lot of individual emails and messages with the same question about cancelation and money refund. Please be aware that we are not able to answer each one individually. Therefore, here is our official statement as of today;
At present, there are no plans to cancel this year's New Metal FEstival festival. Together with other festivals, artists and agents, we are closely monitoring the situation and will be keeping you updated with as much information as possible.
All information will be available on www.newmetalfestival.com


First 2 New Metal Festival headliners!

HateSphere and Rectal Smegma to headline the first edition of New Metal Festival!

We are happy to announce two killer headliners for this unique festival.
14 more bands are to be announced very soon.

You have a killer new band and you would like to present your music to a bigger audience?
New Metal Festival is the place to be!
More info at www.newmetalfestival.com

Tickets for the New Metal Festival available at https://giggome.com/gigshow/501-new-metal-festival-2020!


Information about New Metal Festival 2020 Early Arrival!

Early Arrival that you know will not be possible anymore.
New Metal Festival 2020 starts on Sunday, July 26th at 00:00.

If you would like to arrive earlier, instead of paying New Metal Festival Early Arrival fee, you just need to buy ticket for the New Metal Festival which starts on Friday, July 24th at 08:00.
Concerts are on Saturday and Sunday, July 25th and 26th at the New Metal Festival Boško Bursać (2nd stage).
Prices for the New Metal Festival are:
Festival ticket (July 24-26): 25€ + commission.
1day ticket (July 25 or 26): 15€ + commission
Tickets available here : https://giggome.com/gigshow/501-new-metal-festival-2020.